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Artist Statement

I create pots with tender craftsmanship in gratitude and celebration of the human connection that handmade objects nurture. Each piece I make is a testament to the enduring craft of pottery and a joyful acknowledgement of the beauty handcrafted objects bring to everyday rituals. I believe in the intrinsic worth of handmade items, where imperfections unveil the artisan's touch to those who interact with them. My functional ceramic forms are ornamented with vibrant colors and playful floral motifs, blending practicality with whimsy. In this shared journey, handmade objects bridge the gap between us, celebrating the universal beauty found in the simplicity of everyday moments.


Alex Walter, a Northern Colorado-based potter, crafts functional ceramic pieces ornamented with playful colors and whimsical floral motifs. She earned her BA in Studio Ceramic Design from the University of Northern Colorado. Her work celebrates the joy of connection through the use of handmade everyday objects. Currently, Alex serves as a resident artist and educator at Smokestack Pottery in Fort Collins, where she continues to explore the intersection of functionality and beauty in her pottery.

Flower Shadow

Alex Walter


University of Northern Colorado
BA in Studio Arts with emphasis in Ceramic Design and Graphic Design (Pending)
August 2016 - Expected Graduation May 2020

Roosevelt High School 
High School Graduate
August 2012 - May 2016

Internships and Residencies

Smokestack Pottery

Teacher and Resident Artist

Fall 2022-Current


Clay Center of Northern Colorado

Artist in Residence

January 2020-Spring 2022


Clay Center of Northern Colorado
Apprenticeship under Tim Preston and Abby Einer
December 2019 - January 2020

University of Northern Colorado
Internship under Jaqueline Villegas at the Office of Equity and Inclusion
August 2019 - December 2019

Clay Center of Northern Colorado 
Internship under Tim Preston and Abby Einer
May 2019 - September 2019


Exhibition, Charlie Cummings Gallery, "Summer is Served: Pitchers," (Gainesville, FL, Fall 2023)

Exhibition, Charlie Cummings Gallery, "Exquisite Forms V," (Gainesville, FL, Spring 2023)

Artisan Market, Smokestack Pottery, "Winter Sale," (Fort Collins, CO, Winter 2022

•Exhibition, Art Gym Denver, "Reduse Your Use," (Denver, CO, Summer 2020)

•Juried Exhibition, Saratoga Clay Arts Center’s Schacht Gallery, “Lip Service,” (Schuylerville, NY, Spring 2020)

•Exhibition Curator and Featured Artist, Mariani Gallery, “Growth & Decay,” (Greeley, CO, Spring 2020) 

•Exhibition, Mariani Gallery, “The Working Artist,” (Greeley, CO, Spring 2019) 
•Exhibition, Firehouse Art Center, “The Working Artist” (Longmont, CO, Fall 2019) 
•Art Performance and Collaboration with Sean Goldman, UNCo Campus Commons, “Why Ducks, Why?,”  (Greeley, CO, 2019)
•Exhibition, Campus Commons Gallery, “Annual Student Exhibition” (Greeley, CO, 2019) 
•Crafted Instruments used in percussion performance by Luis Pagan, Zoe’s Cafe & Events, “StART Salon” (Greeley, CO, 2019)
•Exhibition, Zoe’s Cafe & Events, “StART Salon” (Greeley, CO, 2019)
•Exhibition, Zoe’s Cafe & Events, “StART Salon” (Greeley, CO, 2018)
•Solo Exhibition, Brix Brewery and Taphouse, “Alex’s Art” (Greeley, CO, 2018)
•Exhibition, Tointon Gallery, “Greeley Art Picnic” (Greeley, CO, 2018)
•Exhibition, Mariani Gallery, “Annual Student Exhibition” (Greeley, CO, 2017) 
•Exhibition,  “Congressional Art Show” (Castle Rock, CO, 2016) 
•Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, “Scholastic Art and Writing” (Denver, CO, 2015) 
•Exhibition, Denver Art Museum, “Scholastic Art and Writing” (Denver, CO, 2014) 


•Award, UNCo,“Southard Art and Design Recipient” (Greeley, CO, Spring 2019) 
•Award, Greeley Art Picnic at Tointon Gallery “Honorable Mention” (Greeley, CO, 2017)
•Award, Northern Regional Art Show “Gold Award and/or Best of Show” (United States, 2016)
•Award, Scholastic Art and  Writing “Gold Key” (United States, 2016)
•Award, Northern Regional Art Show “Gold Award and/or Best of Show” (United States, 2015)
•Award, Scholastic Art and  Writing “Gold Key” (United States, 2015)
•Award, Northern Regional Art Show “Gold Award and/or Best of Show” (United States, 2014)
•Award, Scholastic Art and  Writing “Gold Key” (United States, 2014)

Professional Activities

• Workshop Attendee Devin McDonald “Surface Decoration” (2023)

•President of the UNCo Clay Club (2018-2020)
•Artist Talk,  “Southard Art and Design Semi-Finalist Talk” Univerisity of Northern Colorado (2019)
•Organized UNCo Clay Sale (Fall 2019)
•Organized UNCo Clay Sale (Spring 2019)
Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Member and Volunteer (2019)
• Workshop Assistant, Torbjørn Kvasbø, “Demonstrating Artists,” NCECA 2019
• Workshop Attendee Jessica Forrestal “Mural Instillation” (2019)
• Workshop Assistant, Eric Hoefer, “Faceting and Altering,” NCECA 2019
• Workshop Assistant, Bill Wilkey, “Ceramic Workshop,”  UNCo (2019)
•Organized UNCo Clay Sale (Fall 2018)
•Organized UNCo Clay Sale (Spring 2018)
•National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Member and Volunteer (2018)
• Workshop Attendee Elizabeth Alexander “Hand Cut Porcelain” (2018)
• Workshop Attendee AJ Nazzaro, “Digital Illustration” (2018)
•Organized UNCo Clay Sale (Fall 2017)
• Workshop Assistant, Kenyon Hansen, “Ceramic Workshop,”  UNCo (2017)
•Selected for Artist Workshop, Rose Simpson, “Resident Artist Workshop” Denver Art Museum (2014)

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